It includes Mechanical and Structural works,Civil works,Electrical and Controls works and Green energy related works.

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Fabrication & Products

It includes Customized Fabrication & Erection, Retro-fit Jobs. aiming at reducing product cost and increasing efficiencies.

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Pharma & R&D

It includes Cleanrooms having projects including HEPA & ULPA level filtration and products like Bio Safety Cabinets, Auto Claves etc.

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Why Choose Us


Our value engineering services in both plant and product design aim to reduce product development costs, shorten lead time, extend capacity and maximize engineering resources by providing support across the complete plant/product life cycle, from design to commissioning support.


Complex projects, challenging conditions and critical timelines – are what we love. Our workforce has a rich and varied experience in the execution of challenging projects. We use advanced construction methodologies, well-defined systems, software and proven procedures.


Delivering quality goods and services on time, at the lowest cost and meeting every specific need of the project is our procurement teams’ forte. Putting the building blocks in place, procurement forms the foundation for any EPC project/product.


Our capability to develop critical products in-house distinguishes us from many other market players. We promote indigenous products and provide customized fabrication solutions to our customers.

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  • Turnkey Projects
  • Design & Consultancy services
  • Project Management Consultancy Projects
  • Annual Maintenance Projects.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Projects
  • Customized Engineered Projects & Products

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